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At St George's the learning in geography involves our pupils exploring the relationship and interactions between people and the environments in which they live. Our school curriculum plan for geography as an entitlement for all pupils. It is:

  • Aspirational in terms of instilling in our pupils a desire to achieve the highest levels of success through providing them with the opportunities to excel in terms of their acquisition of long lasting knowledge and understanding and mastery of core geographical skills. 
  • Investigates the physical and human world exploring elements such as the effect of rivers on the landscape and the impact of the rise of megacities in the world.  
  • Sequenced to ensure pupils can build on previous knowledge and understanding as they tackle more complex and demanding enquiries.
  • Inclusive in terms of delivering the same curriculum to all of our pupils irrespective of specific learning needs or disabilities and differentiating where necessary through, for example, in class support, providing different learning environments, alternative learning activities and assessment outcomes.
Subject Documents Date  
Geography Intent Implemenation and Impact 21st Feb 2024 Download
Geography Progression Document 21st Feb 2024 Download
Geography Long Term overview 21st Feb 2024 Download