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There are many opportunities for parents to 'have their say' about our school, our procedures and our practise. In Spring 2016,  all parents were  consulted via a questionnaire. We then had our Ofsted inspection in September 2016. Parents were also consulted during our SIAMS inspection in  January 2017. Our next school consultation will be Spring 2018. Feedback and actions to be taken are provided to all parents. The  most recent parent questionnaire can be accessed below.


Parents are able to share their positive and negative views to Ofsted via parent view. Parent View can be accessed by using the information below.                                                                                      


Parents are actively encouraged to share any concerns they have as soon as possible with the class teacher or the Headteacher Mrs Earnshaw. Our Open Door Policy gives many opportunities for parents to raise their concerns - via Home link books, via email ( each class teacher can be contacted on, plym@ etc.), after school, by telephone or by arranging an appointment. Playground discussions amongst parents rarely get a problem solved or misunderstandings corrected. There are also 3 parents' evenings through the year and many opportunities for parents to come in to school throughout the term.      


Primary School Progress Measures Leaflet for Parents

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