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Years 5 & 6 Tamar

Welcome to Tamar class page


Class Teacher- Miss Rachel Jewell

Teaching Assistant- Miss Emma Ryan

Teaching Assistant- Mrs Katie Brown 



Learning in Tamar


We believe that every child has the right to expect quality hands-on learning experiences that are fun, engaging, and promote personal progress, to facilitate their current and future achievements We strive to create an environment where children actively participate in their learning to promote them to be independent thinkers. We learn in small groups and as a whole class. To build on the firm foundations that children have been experiencing since reception, we adopt a continuous provision approach where children can access rainbow challenges independently that extend their learning. Our approach supports self-directed learning inquiries that allow children to practice their skills, deepen their understanding or revisit ideas they had misconceptions in. 



We want children to be able to read easily, fluently and with good understanding, and to develop the habit of reading widely, for both pleasure and information. To support this we assess children’s phonological awareness to provide them with reading books that are suitable for their level. We follow the Phonics, Code Breakers and Rhino Readers schemes provided by Twinkle to develop children’s reading skills. All children will have reading records to record their reading journey.

Alone side their reading books children will also have Library books that they can take home to share with you. These books provide you with the perfect opportunity to read to your child- no matter how old they are!



This is where we will share pictures of what has been happening in school with you. We will post whole class and induvial pictures of key learning and your child’s work, to provide you with live examples of what they have been doing.



Rainbow Challenges

Every week within our teaching provision we set Rainbow Challenges for the children to complete. These challenges are centred on the children’s learning and provide children with the opportunity to revisit their learning in a low-risk environment, where they are able to practice and develop their skills. Throughout the school, we use a lolly stick collection system where children have to collect a lolly stick for each challenge they complete. Examples of these can be found on Tapestry and the children are encouraged to upload them themselves to develop their computing skills.  



Our Classroom Environment

Continuous Provision

At St George’s we value the importance of providing children with opportunities to learn through self-directed inquiries, to support children to become independent capable learners. We provide continuous provision both inside and outside the classroom that complements and extends their learning experiences.

This give children the opportunities to:

  • Make decisions and informed choices about the resources they need.
  • Cooperate effectively and share resources appropriately.
  • Plan and communicate ideas, thinking ahead to complete each step of their idea.
  • Adapt and modify their ideas to achieve their result.
  • Try different approaches to solve problems.
  • Use a growing range of interesting and appropriate vocabulary.
  • Critically reflect on progress and outcome of their ideas.
  • Take responsibility for the organisation of the area.



Pe is on Monday and Friday. Please wear PE kit to school on these days with hair tied back.



Homework will be added to Google Classroom each term for Tamar class under weekly headings. Each child has a Google login to access our classroom online.

They can complete the work online and 'turn it in' to their teacher online or they can complete the work on paper and send a photo to Tapestry. 


Autumn Term

This term we are exploring lots of different aspects of learning in a range of subjects across the curriculum. In English, we are starting to write our own ghost stories based on A Word in Your Ear, by Tony Ross. In maths, we have just completed our place value unit and are moving into exploring the four primary operations that underpin all mathematical thinking; addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. In science, we are investigating forces and their effects by predicting, analysing, recording data, and drawing conclusions. In geography, we are exploring rivers and how they change over time. In physical education, we are learning how to play basketball and developing teamwork skills. In music, we are being taught how to play the steel drums and hope to work towards our own production!

Parents Open Evening October 2022

Widening Horizons 2021: St George’s Year 5/6 trip to discover the world of work at the National Marine Aquarium

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