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Years 1 & 2 Plym

Welcome to Plym class page



Class Teacher- Mrs Cari Dyson

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Teresa Colquoun



Learning in Plym Class

We believe that children have a right to expect a curriculum which is fun, motivating, interesting and most importantly purposeful. We strive to develop imagination through a stimulating, creative environment where every child has the opportunity to shine. We use a continuous provision approach, building on the learning through play they have experienced in Foundation Stage. Challenges are accessed throughout the day to promote independence and resilience. We learn in small groups and as a whole class. We have rainbow challenges built into the week where the children can choose their own learning and build on what they have learnt during lessons to deepen their understanding or revisit ideas they had misconceptions in. 


Children are encouraged to read at least three times a week at home. Their book will be changed after they have read to an adult three times. We follow Twinkl Phonics for early reading and use Rhino Readers as our reading books. These books link closely to the phonics children are learning in class and by repeating reading the same text many times we believe the children improve fluency and accuracy in reading much more successfully.

We read every day in class, this could be individual reading to an adult, exploring texts and vocabulary through our whole class reading sessions or reading by ourselves or with a friend in provision. We also have the opportunity to visit the school library over the course of the week.



In Plym Class we use this platform to share all of our amazing learning with you daily. You can also send messages to the Plym Class team through Tapestry. This is the best way to communicate with staff and keep track of your child's progress.


Rainbow Challenges

Every day there are planned challenges for children to access and complete independently. These enhancements are planned carefully around the children's interests, the curriculum and interventions needed within the class. Each week the children are encouraged to complete all of the challenges to a high standard and therefore making a rainbow with the lolly sticks that they collect for each challenge. Rainbow Challenges can be seen in the children's books or on Tapestry.


    Our Classroom Environment

    Continuous Provision

    In KS1 we value the importance of learning through play, investigation, challenging ourselves and independence. To enable the children opportunities for this we provide continuous provision both inside and outside the classroom. 

    This give children the opportunities to:

    • Make decisions and informed choices about the resources they need.
    • Cooperate effectively and share resources appropriately.
    • Plan and communicate ideas, thinking ahead to complete each step of their idea.
    • Adapt and modify their ideas to achieve their result.
    • Try different approaches to solve problems.
    • Use a growing range of interesting and appropriate vocabulary.
    • Critically reflect on progress and outcome of their ideas .
    • Take responsibility for the organisation of the area.


    Pe is on Wednesday and Friday. Please wear PE kit to school on these days with hair tied back.


    Homework will be added to Google Classroom each week for children in Plym Class. Each child has a Google login to access our classroom online.

    They can complete the work online and 'turn it in' to their teacher online or they can complete the work on paper and send a photo to tapestry. 

    Autumn Term 2022

    This term we are going to enjoy lots of learning in a range of subjects across the curriculum. In English we will start by writing a story based on Little Red Riding Hood. In Maths we will be thinking about place value and number.

    In Science we will be talking about the seasons, particularly focussing in the changes that happen between Summer and Winter by studying what happens in Autumn.

    In Geography we will be finding answers to the questions 'Why don't penguins need to fly?'. We will be learning about Antarctica and learning lots of skills including map reading and data collecting.


    2021-22 Highlights

    School Motto

    Building on firm foundations


    Love, Inclusion, Guidance, Hope, Trust and Service

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