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Reflections from our Year 6's on their time at St George's

Thank you to our Year 6 leavers who have shared with us some of their thoughts about their time at St George's. Here are a selection of some of their comments:


My time at St George's has made me much more confident and brave by speaking up in class and in plays, as well as showing me values for life- what they mean and how to use them.


I have learned to manage my distractions whilst working, increasing and boosting my self confidence.


The school has supported me by making me more confident and taking my worries seriously.


St George's has made me more confident and helped me make friendships.


I have become a much more confident learner.


The school has helped me develop my writing by good modelling by the teacher.


There is good security at our school. I have felt very safe since Mrs Smith has been the Headteacher.


The teachers have listened to me and sorted out my problems.


I am very proud of my results.


I have made lots of friends and improved in all my lessons, especially maths.