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Building on firm foundations

Pupil Voice

Our Pupil Voice Team.

Each year group has at least one Pupil Voice representative. Any child can  choose to stand as a representative if they want to. You will need to write a speech and share with your friends why you think you should represent the class. The rest of the class  will then vote on who they think will do the best job.All school council reps wear a different colour tie.


Reception- Simonas

Year 1 Gabriel

Year 2 Leia

Year 3 Rianna

Year 4 Laila

Year 5 Casey

Year 6 Jamie & Lucy


At regular meetings the team discuss various agenda items from which charity we would like to support to choosing winners for the Presentation award as well as having an influence over the school's Behaviour Policy.


These decisions need to be made: -

Sept - Setting our aims for the year ahead. Pupil Choice menu in place.

Oct - Which charity shall we support? Learning Walls- are they helping us?

Nov - Review of lunchtimes and school meals

Dec - Presentation Award & Decide on  House Treat for the winning house.

Jan- Reviewing the Behaviour policy

Feb -deciding on the termly treat

March -presentation Award

April- Being Food critics and deciding on children's choice menu

May- Reviewing the Achievement Team Meeting structure

June- Deciding on key events and opportunities for the forthcoming year

July- Presentation award


Our Pupil Voice reps also evaluate our Collective Worship  on a monthly basis .


Our Pupil Voice in class

Each class has Achievement Team meetings. Anyone can suggest an issue and the whole class will suggest ways to solve the issue. Together the class will choose the ways that they would like to try and solve the problem. During the week, the Achievement Team plan is referred to and at the end of the week it is reflected on and tweaked if necessary. After  3 weeks we finally review our plan and celebrate what we have achieved together.

Our Achievement Team plans can be found displayed in our classrooms.



 Presentation Awards

School Council awarded prizes to Cian ( Y2) and Molly ( Y6) for the most improved presentation during the autumn term. 

​Spring term Awards to  Ruby (Y2) and  Andreo ( Year 5)  for the most improved presentation in the spring term. Congratulations!!!

Summer term Awards to Noah ( Y2) and Bella (Y5) for the most improved presentation in the summer term. Well done!!

Autumn term Awards to   Harvey ( Y2 ) and Casey ( Y5) for most improved presentation.

Spring term 2017 Awards to Mihail (Y1) and Macey (Y3) for most improved presentation.