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St George's Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum 


Here at St George’s we believe that in Tavy Class we are laying the firm foundations for learning which the rest of our school community will build upon. In our classroom the children will not spend their days sitting at tables working, we have developed our learning environment to provide learning opportunities through play. In line with the whole school ethos of St George’s we see every child as an individual to be celebrated and valued on their own terms with access to individualised learning within an engaging environment.


We have worked closely with Greg Bottrill the author of Can I Go and Play Now and The Magic of Childhood to create an EYFS department full of joyful learning which keeps play and the magic of childhood at the centre of all we do whilst also ensuring we meet the rigorous demands of the EYFS curriculum. As a result, we are passionate about harnessing the curiosity of children and using our in-depth knowledge of each child to support their progression at their own unique pace. Our practitioners follow the children’s lead in play and use our next steps planning to sprinkle the skills the child needs over the top of the play.


We support this by creating an enabling environment (both physical and emotional) and through the relationships and interactions that the children experience, aiming to remain ‘in the moment’ with the children as they explore and investigate. We also use the Floorbook approach to plan according to the children’s needs and interests. Adults support children in various ways to help children learn. This includes interactions with children during both planned and child-initiated play and activities. Adults will communicate and model language, explain, demonstrate and explore ideas, encourage, question, provide a narrative for what they are doing, facilitate and set challenges. We observe carefully using the 3M approach and observations, interactions and outcomes are recorded afterwards. 



For our complete curriculum please see the documentation below.

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