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Welcome to St George's attendance page.   At St George's we actively try to promote and encourage good attendance at school. Pupils need to be on time and in school every day to reach their full potential. We keep parents informed about the % levels of attendance for their child and offer support with attendance where necessary. 


Attendance is constantly monitored and we meet with the Education Welfare Officer regularly to discuss attendance. If your child's attendance falls below 90% or arrives late to school, a referral will be made to the E.W.O who may take further action.


We offer the following attendance incentives for children:



  • The class with the highest attendance will be announced in Friday worship and this class will keep the attendance bear for the week
  • All children who have had 100% attendance that week will have their name put into the hat for the termly raffle
  • The attendance board outside the school office will be updated weekly with the winning class


Half Termly

  • The 100% weekly attendance raffle winner will be chosen in assembly. 
  • 96% - Bronze certificates for the term will be awarded in worship
  • 98% - Silver certificates for the term will be awarded in worship
  • 100% - Gold certificates for the term will be awarded in worship



  • 98% attendance certificates will be given out to children who have had 98% attendance and above for the whole year.


Our reward system enables all children to be praised for their attendance. We look forward to issuing lots of certificates and prizes throughout the year!


Frequently asked questions:


What time should my child arrive at school?


The school opens at 8:45am, all children must be in school by 8:55am.


What should I do if my child is ill?


If your child is unwell , please contact the school office on 01752 224863 by 9.10 am. If no correspondence has been made to school regarding a child's absence, admin staff will attempt to contact parents and other contacts on file to ascertain the reason for absence. 


My child has an appointment, how do I request time off?


If your child has a medical appointment then please collect an absence request form from the office.  You will also need to provide evidence of the appointment.  Where possible please complete this form in advance.  Pupils are expected to attend school either side of their appointment and only take time out of school if it is unavoidable. 


I want to take my child on holiday, will it be authorised?


We cannot authorise holidays.


We have had a family bereavement, will the absence be authorised?


Decisions will be made on a case by case basis and dependent on individual circumstances. 







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