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Building on firm foundations


Attendance at St George's is good.


At St George's, we actively try to promote and encourage good attendance by pupils and staff at school. We keep parents informed about the % levels of attendance for their child and offer support with attendance where necessary. Children are rewarded on a termly basis for excellent attendance in school.


September 2015- July 2016 attendance figures:-

96.2% attendance

3.1% authorised absence


September 2014- July 2015 attendance figures:- 

95.3% attendance

4% authorised absence



Autumn term comparisons


September 2016- December 2016 attendance figures:-

96.9% attendance

2.4% authorised absence


September 2015- December 2015 attendance figures:-

96.7% attendance

2.7% authorised absence


September 2014-December 2014 attendance figures:-

94.9% attendance

4.7% authorised absence


Spring term comparisons


January 2016-April 2016 attendance figures:-

96.1% attendance

3.4% authorised absence


January 2015-April 2015 attendance figures:-

95% attendance

4.4% authorised absence


January 2014-April 2014 attendance figures:-

96.8% attendance

2.8% authorised absence


Summer term comparisons


April 2016-July 2016 attendance figures:-

95.8% attendance

3.3%  authorised absence


April 2015-July 2015 attendance figures:-

95.9% attendance

2.9% authorised absence


April 2014-July 2014 attendance figures:-

95.5% attendance

3.6% authorised absence


Mrs Rosie Knight monitors attendance.

Education Welfare Officer is Mr Mick Battley ( Plymouth Local Authority)


The school day begins at 8.55am with registration. All children should be in school ready to be registered at this time.

If your child is unwell , please contact the school office on 224863 by 9.10 am. If no correspondence has been made to school regarding a child's absence, admin staff will attempt to contact parents to ascertain the reason for non attendance.


Each term a generic letter is sent to all parents regarding attendance. The letters are coloured and indicate whether attendance for a child  is good, satisfactory or a cause for concern.


If your child's attendance in school falls below 90%, a referral will be made to the E.W.O. who will monitor attendance with our Inclusion Manager, Mrs Kelly Earnshaw.


In line with government requirements, holidays will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances and then only if attendance is above 96%.  Please note, exceptional circumstances do not include financial reasons or visiting relatives. Please read the  recent attendance letter and our attendance policy.