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Art and Design at St George's Primary Academy

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." - Pablo Picasso


Here at St George's we aim to deliver high-quality Art and Design lessons that engage, inspire and challenge pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design. We give children a broad range of opportunities and experiences, including working with different media, learning new skills and being inspired by famous artists. 


To support the learning that we do in dedicated art lessons, children in each class also access Art Rainbow Challenges. This gives them opportunities to experiment with new skills, practise things they have learned, apply skills to new contexts and deepen their understanding. These enhancements allow the children to deepen and develop their own skills and interests in Art and Design.

Art Week July 2022

Art club mural video

Still image for this video
Over the year, the children attending art club have worked with artist Keiran Walsh from Ocean Studios. They have sketched landscapes and buildings in the local area to plan a mural map. Here is a collection of photos and film of the painting in progress.

Art 2021-22

Highlights from our classrooms

Artists in Team Tavy

Art Club with Ocean Studios

To start this year with an arty bang,  we have followed up our awesome exhibition by collaborating with some of the artists at Ocean Studios.  Each Term we are running an 8 week programme for groups of KS2 children. 

Spring Term Art Club

In the first four weeks the our young artists set about on a project to map the local area led by artist Kieron Walsh. They began by drawing a collaborative map, on a large scale from their imaginations. In the following weeks, the children went out on location to perform quick, observational sketches around the local area. We are planning to create the final piece in the Summer term. It will be painted on the boards outside of Ocean Studios. 

Autumn Term Art Club

In the first four weeks the our young artists explored art through history. They looked at cave paintings, Egyptian tomb paintings and explored the work of Picasso under the instruction of local artist Kieran Walsh. At the end of the sessions their work was exhibited publicly at Ocean Studios. The next four weeks was led by painter Mark Fielding. The children were shown around his studio, and explored themes of tone and shade through collage.  Here is a video of the pilot project, made by the artists at Ocean Studios. 

Art 2020-21

It has been an interesting year with some whole school collaborative projects, home learning, and art taking place in the classroom.  We hope you enjoy these examples of what we have been up to. 

Art Week July 2021

Whole School

When we came back to school in September 2020, as part of our recovery curriculum, we created a whole school piece of art. This collaboration was powerful because it united our school, at a time when we couldn't all be together. It represents hope and community. 


Each class spent some time exploring different textures, creating rubbings from nature and making patterns. Then they learned about contrasting colours and how this could be used in collage. Each child then made a bird of hope for our display, using the skills they had learned.


In addition, each class were given a colour and were asked to create feathers, by drawing around their finger and adding texture.


We compiled all the feathers together to create a whole school bird of hope. Together we can create amazing things.




Team Tavy

In our reception class, children are exploring art constantly though play, mark making and sometimes through more guided activities. Each day children take part in drawing club in which they express their imaginative ideas by putting pen, pencil and crayon to paper (sometimes in other ways too.)



At the start of the Summer Term we are having "Artist in Residence" sessions. Each week, the children will learn about a different artist and experiment with using their techniques. Here is our Petr Horacek inspired wax resist work. 

Plym Class

In Plym, the children are introduced to sketchbooks for the first time. We have learned what a sketch book is and how to use it to record our ideas and experiment. In our school, we have 4 sketch book rules. No Crossing out, no rubbing out, tracing is not cheating and use the space on each page.  We have learned drawing warm ups like continuous line drawing, explored colour mixing, printed using lego, created abstract compositions, learned about artists (Bridget Riley, Louis Wain, Beatriz Milhazes among others), experimented with using different media to draw, made a watery landscape while listening to classical music and much more! 

Lynher Class

In Lynher, children have been creating art through rainbow challenges and continuous provision, as well as more formal art lessons. Here are some examples of their creative pieces. 


Tints and shades

Lynher have been learning about tints and shades. They explored tints and shades when drawing these incredible dragon's eyes.  


Lockdown art and rainbow challenges. 




Tamar Class

Here are some examples of our independent artwork completed as enhancements.  

Art 2019-20

2019-20 St David's Day Daffodils March 2020

Still image for this video
A virtual exhibition of our KS1 and KS2 children's daffodil art work.

2019-20 Team Tavy penguins and self portraits

Still image for this video
Tavy class of Reception and Year 1 children were learning about penguins. They painted these by observing pictures of penguins. They were given a limited pallete of ready mix poster paint. The self portraits were completed as part of drawing club, children were asked to draw themselves, from memory. This is useful to see how the children imagine themselves and their bodies.

2019-20 Plym hedgehogs

Still image for this video

2019-20 Year 3/4 Keith Haring

Still image for this video

2019-20 Year 3/4 Egyptian art

Still image for this video
Mosaics and mixed media themed around Ancient Egypt

2019-20 Year 3/4 Urns

Still image for this video
Lyhner class used Mod Roc to sculpt these Grecian urns.

2019-20 Tamar class Lowry sketches

Still image for this video

2019-20 Tamar 2D sculpture

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