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Years 1 & 2 Plym

Welcome to Plym Class


Our teachers are Mrs Daykin and Mrs Fry.

We are helped by Miss Valender.

Our Plym team


Mrs Daykin - Class teacher on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Mrs Fry  - Class teacher on Thursday and Friday. 


Our theme this half term is People Power. 

We have an open door policy, so please feel free to talk to either of us at the beginning or end of the day, if you have a question to ask, something which you are concerned about or something you wish us to celebrate. Communication between us is very good, so please feel rest assured worries or concerns will be shared between us.


Alternatively you can contact us by emailing us at 



Days to remember


Reading takes place every morning (9.10-9.30) during our guided reading session, which is open to parents to come in and support.  Children will either read 1:1 with an adult, participate in a guided read with a teacher, visit the library to change their library book and have a story read to them, or complete a reading journal activity.  Alongside this children will read to a teacher or TA twice a week, where they will change their reading book.


Monday - 1:1 reading (books changed)

Tuesday - PE with District Sports

Wednesday -Homework returned, Spelling test, 

Thursday - 1:1 reading (books changed)

Friday - Homework sent out, PE





Week Beginning 19th March 2018


It has been another exciting week in Plym Class. We have started to explore descriptive poems and have become experts on Similes. We ended the week by creating our own descriptive poems about the moon, using similes and powerful adjectives. Our favourite descriptions were; The moon is like an asteroid zooming up in space and the moon is like a glitter ball sparkling in the sky. 

In maths we have been solving addition and subtraction word problems using our reading skills and various methods to find the answers. Some of us like to use counting objects, some of us prefer to draw a number line and others like to use a number square. 

We have been exploring the topic of Salvation in our RE learning and continuing with our dance in PE. We also said goodbye to Miss Wheeler who has been with us for 10 weeks. We will all miss her and wish her all the best with her new teaching adventure. 

This week we have also thought about our junk model houses and how we could improve them. Earlier this term we were challenged to build a house which would protect the three little pigs from the Big Bad Wolf. Some of our houses blew down so we had to evaluate how to improve the strength of them. We used lots of tape, glue and laughter to strengthen our houses! Then the Big Bad Wolf arrived to put them to the test... 

Week Beginning 29.01.18


We have been super learners this week.


On Wednesday we were learning how to skip with Skippy John. He taught us how to skip on one leg, gave tips on how to improve our skipping and how to hold the rope out straight.      Poppy, Lilibeth, Gabi and Theodore.


We were  developing our instruction writing remembering to include an equipment list, using bullet points, bossy language, numbering and time connectives. Lola, Mihail, Gabe, Lilly, and Cody.


In science we have been looking at food chains and learning about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. Sean, Dylan and everybody!



Week Beginning 22.01.18


This week has been amazing. Gabe

In Maths we have been learning how to double and halve numbers. Theodore.

In English we have been working hard to write instructions about How to catch a wolf. This has been fabulous and we have made lists of equipment which have included stink bombs, buckets, lasers, coconuts, nets and a touch of dynamite. Archie, Kauli, Sean, Skylar-Rose, Bailey, Lillibeth and Eva.


We have been investigating what makes a plant stay healthy by planting seeds and taking away one thing they are supposed to need. We will keep checking to see what happens. Lola and Poppy. 


We have been learning about the Torah which is written in a different language called Hebrew. It is an important scroll for the Jewish people. Simonas, Lilly. 


Week Beginning 08.01.18


This week we have been writing more about the Three Little Pigs, we have had to use questions with correct punctuation and suffixes. Sean

We have been learning our times tables, we made ice creams by counting in twos and threes. We also learned about even and odd numbers. Theodore and Eva.

This week in science we were learning about living and non living things. Lola

We had a visit from the fire fighters who spoke to us about fire safety. It was extremely exciting! Bailey and Gabe. 

School is the best! Lillibeth 

Picture 1
Picture 2

January 2018  Welcome back to Class Plym.


Here is what we have been up to this week,  4th and 5th of January.


We have read different versions of The Three Little Pigs.  We have been working in a team to make salt dough pigs and then we went into the forest to make houses for them. Three Big Bad Wolves came to blow them down. We said, "No, not by the hairs on our chinny, chin chins." The wolves huffed and they puffed but they couldn't blow them down. Not one! It was really fun.  By Gabe, Eva, Maisy and Kauli. 


We have been thinking about our school values, Aspiration. We made New Year's Resolution Stars for our values display. They are really shiny and sparkly.            By Lillibeth, Bailey and Poppy


The Three Little Pigs

Look at all the learning that took place last year! (2016-17)

Our World medium term planning Summer 2017

We have been working hard in class learning about birds.  As part of our home learning, some of us made bird feeders to try and attract more birds to our grounds.  We are hoping the birds like all the effort we have put into them!   

Our bird feeders

We made dioramas as part of our home learning.

As part of our home learning, we made dioramas for our chosen creatures.  We also pretended that we were estate agents and wrote an advert to try and sell our habitat.

Our Healthy Party!

We finished out topic of 'Can Party Food be Healthy?' by having a party with some healthy foods.  We decided that we didn't need lots of cakes, sweets and biscuits and actually enjoyed fruit and vegetables with dips, bread and low fat cheese!  We finished off the party by bashing the pinata that we made with Mrs Flage in art.  Joshua finally managed to break it open after several hard hits!

As part of our topic we sampled different smoothies and then had a go at creating our own!  Lots of us really enjoyed the kale-based smoothie which really surprised us!

We created a tally chart to see which smoothie was the class favourite.


The children were incredibly lucky to have a trip to River Cottage as their hook day! They began their visit by decorating their own chef's hat and talking with Sam, the manager, and Ali, the head chef, about where foods came from and why they need certain climates to grow.  The restaurant provided the children with an array of foods to sample which included:  beetroot dip; mackerel dip; quinoa; homemade bread sticks; pizza; polenta chips; carrot, celery and cucumber batons and finally beetroot ice-cream!  They were all fantastic and tried lots of foods, despite not knowing what some of them were!

We are hoping to repay the kindness by inviting Sam and Ali to our party at the end of this term!

Hook Day at River Cottage Feb 2017

Kevin the Carrot narrative based on the Aldi Christmas advert

Kevin the Carrot narrative based on the Aldi Christmas advert 1

Our Topic Outcome

Our outcome for the topic 'Ferocious Fires' was to invite parents in to watch our class assembly on all that we had learnt.  Firstly, we sang London's burning.  Then we showed our art work on flame pictures explaining the process of what we had done.  After that we read out our newspaper reports and finaly finished with the burning down of 'Pudding Lane' in the playground.

Creating our Pudding Lane Houses

Our Literacy learning wall for our newspaper reports on The Great Fire of London

Our Literacy learning wall for our newspaper reports on The Great Fire of London 1

Our ferocious fires learning wall

Our ferocious fires learning wall 1

Some steps along our journey to reach our outcome of writing our own pirate story

Bee Bot Coding - we've been creating algorithms to draw numbers with Bee Bots.

Bee Bot Coding - we've been creating algorithms to draw numbers with Bee Bots.   1
Bee Bot Coding - we've been creating algorithms to draw numbers with Bee Bots.   2
Bee Bot Coding - we've been creating algorithms to draw numbers with Bee Bots.   3
Bee Bot Coding - we've been creating algorithms to draw numbers with Bee Bots.   4

Our literacy learning wall for our pirate poems

Our literacy learning wall for our pirate poems 1

Water Theme Day


As part of our water theme day, the children learnt about the importance of water and how we are lucky to have fresh clean water compared to other places in the world.  The children decorated their water bottles and took them home to drink and fill with pennies to raise money, so that our school can be part of the toilet twinning.


We also wrote on filter paper about things that we perhaps regretted doing or saying and then 'washed away our sins'.

RWI Set 1 Sounds

These are the Set 1 sounds from Read, Write Inc. These are the fundamental sounds that children should know before entering Year 2.

RWI Set 2 Sounds

These are the Set 2 sounds from Read, Write Inc children should know when entering Year 2

RWI Set 3 Sounds

These are the Set 3 sounds from Read, Write Inc. They complete the sounds which children should know when in Year 2.