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Year Foundation and Y1 Tavy

Welcome to Tavy


     Our teachers are Mrs Sophie Daykin (Mon,Tues,Weds) and Mrs Fry (Thurs, Fri)

We are supported by Mrs Teresa Calquhoun.  


We have an 'open door policy'. Please feel free to talk to us at the start or end of the day. No question is too small! Alternatively, you can email the class teachers through the school office - 


Stars of the week!


smileyOur 'Learning Star' of the week is...  Coralsmiley

heartOur 'Values Star' of the week is..  Pebblesheart



Useful Information


  • We have PE on a Tuesday with District Sports. 


  • Please remember that the school gates will open at 8:45am and the register will be taken at 8:55am. The children can be picked up at 3.15.
  • Home learning will be handed out on Fridays and needs to be returned for marking on Wednesdays. 
  • Please try to read with your child 3 times a week at home. We will endeavour to hear them read twice a week and change their book. In addition, there is a daily guided reading session where they might take part in fun reading activities in a group or read with the teacher. 


  • Reading Mornings

We would like to invite parents to stay for a reading skills half hour on Thursday morning between 9 and 9.30. Stay and listen to your child read, play a phonics game with them or read to a small group.  These will start once the foundation children have settled in; keep an eye out for notices.


  • Secret Mission!

We will be introducing a Mystery Reader session on Thursday afternoons but we will need your help. Once a week at 3 o’clock we would like to surprise the children with a visit from a familiar adult to read them your favourite story or to talk about your job or something special you have experienced or achieved. This isn’t restricted to parents; grandparents, older siblings, aunties and uncles can all be roped in too. We ask for your support in keeping the identity of the mystery reader a surprise, even from your own child! A sign up sheet will be in the office so that you can pick a date which will work for you. If you think you will need more time with the children please let us know.


Please, please, please ensure that EVERY item your child brings into school is clearly labelled with their name. Items will inevitably become misplaced and it makes it a lot easier to return items to their owners when things are labelled. Thank you so much!







Friday 5th October 2018

All of the children and adults in Tavy are settling into their new routines and getting to know their new friends. We are focusing on working as a team to support and encourage each other in our classroom. We have been having so much fun, we have set up a Tiger Cafe, worked together to create tiger food in case a real tiger comes for tea and learned to play some new maths and phonics games. As part of our topic, All Creatures Great and Small, Team Tavy have been working on their best animal moves, singing animal songs in their song circle as well as finding out about animal habitats and naming and grouping animals. It has been a very busy start to the term!


The Foundation children are busy learning their Phase 2 letters and sounds, counting and comparing numbers and developing their confidence in letter and number formation.


Our Year 1 children have already written their own story books imitating The Tiger who came to tea! They have shown amazing perseverance and passion for writing. The children are shining in maths too, comparing numbers, counting beyond 20 and increasing their mathematical vocabulary.  


A very big thank you to everyone who has signed up for a Mystery Reader slot so far. We are looking forward to discovering who it will be this Thursday! Please remember to pop in for 20 minutes on Thursday morning to play some phonics games with your child. 


Please enjoy looking at some pictures of Team Tavy enjoying their learning both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Team Tavy settle in!

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Look at the children loving their learning with Mrs McCoy in 

Tavy Class last year (2017-18)

World Cup 2018

England got through to the Semi final of the World Cup in Russia. Last time that happened, Mr McCoy was 9 years old. We were very interested in following England. In independent play, the children made posters, signs, a football pitch and played football with some toy food until Mrs McCoy found a ball. They wore face paints on their cheeks of the England flag and enjoyed sharing our national pride. Even though we were beaten by Craotia, we are still proud of the England team. Our favourite player is Pickford!


Tavy had a fantastic time learning how to balance, use balance bikes with Giraffe legs and respond to signs green and red. We learnt green for go and red for danger stop. 

On the last day we had pedals and tried to cycle without stabilisers!


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We have been doing coding unplugged. We have used the instructions "forwards, turn left, turn right" to move our friends around the classroom like robots. We wrote out our algorithms. We then programmed Beebots to move around maps. We also used the Beebots App on the Ipad. Great coding Tavy.

Picture 1


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Cooking popcorn on a real fire!

We were super safe when Mrs McCoy lit a real fire using flint and steel and sticks from our playground. We heated popcorn kernels until they popped and had a little snack. It was so much fun. We learnt about the fire triangle and how to keep safe always. 

Picture 1

World Ocean Day 2018

In Tavy Class, we have decided to try to 'save the world'!

We learnt about Duffy the sea turtle and her scary problem with eating delicious jelly fish that turned out to be plastic bags!

We did a litter pick in the school field and made a collage of the Mayflower ship!

We also litter picked at Devil's point to help stop the plastic and rubbish being eaten by sea life. 

With the help of Bex and Amy, we got to hold real sea creatures. We want to make sure they stay safe. 

To help keep the beach tidy, we wrote letters to ask people to take their litter home with them and most importantly: to recycle. 

We are thinking of ways to reduce plastic use:

  • remind parents to take bags to the supermarket
  • say no thank you to plastic straws
  • use a metal or re useable water bottle in school
  • use the recycling bin
  • don't waste paper or plastic
  • make creations out of the cleaned rubbish


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World Book Day - Take 2!

We had a fantastic time dressing up as our favourite book characters. Can you guess who we are?

Class trip to Saltram House!

Tavy class had a fun, tiring day today exploring the grounds of the National Trust Saltram House. We hunted for signs of spring and used clipboards to draw what we could find. We learnt lots from the Gardener and were fed pineapple by Chef Mike. 

Can you find our curly Hazel tree?

Can you find the daisies that were kissed by fairies?

Can you find the Laurel branches?

Can you find signs of spring that we found?

Can you see the eye tree?

Can you see the fairy houses?

Mrs McCoy is very proud of Tavy class!


It has been snowing!

Adelaide - I like the snow because there's lots of it. I like doing snow angels.

Toby - I like eating the snow by putting my tongue out and then in. 

James - I like making snow angels in the snow.

Daniel P - I like snow because it went into the forest too.

Daniel T - I like it because it goes on my head. I hear the cracks when I'm walking. It is because of the ice. 

Filip - Snowballs and snowflakes! I like to lie down in it to make a angel. 

Ruby - It gently glides down and it goes onto the trees as well. 

Josiah - It lands on your head or your hat. Your nose will be snowed on. If the tree is cut, the snow will go on the tree and I like that. 

Bella - I like the snow because it comes down from the sky. 

Coral - Fun! Catching snowflakes was fun.

George - I see bigger bigger snow!

Chinese New Year!

2018 is the year of the dog. The Jade Emperor held a race to work out who each year should be named after. Tavy class learnt this story and then did some fantastic writing about it. Check it out below. We were very proud of ourselves. 

Making bread like the Little Red Hen. 

Picture 1 Protective gear so we don't get hairy bread.
Picture 2 Our Cook Julie.
Picture 3 Stir yeast and sugar into warm water.
Picture 4 Mix flour and salt
Picture 5 Add the liquid and stir. It is hard work.
Picture 6 Knead the dough and make bread rolls.
Picture 7 We are making rolls for our grown ups.
Picture 8 Leave them somewhere warm.
Picture 9 Look! They have risen.
Picture 10 Yummy bread.
Picture 11 We served our mummies.

Tavy hairdressers

We loved having visitors to our hairdressers role play.

Thank you to all the willing grown up models.

Special visit by a Dental Nurse.

3 things to remember:

1 - Brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day especially before bedtime. 

2 - Only eat a little sugary food at meal times.

3 - Visit a dentist

Picture 1 Are grapes healthy for your teeth?
Picture 2 Thumbs up or down for this food?
Picture 3 Thumbs up or down for this food?
Picture 4 We were shown how to brush our teeth.
Picture 5

Autumn learning

We have been using natural things that have fallen from trees to help with our learning. We have ordered harvest vegetables by size and then used them to make soup - Yummy! Our conkers and leaves have helped us count, make patterns and paint. We really enjoy making numbers and giant pictures using fallen leaves. Take a look.

School trip!

We had an amazing trip to the National Marine Aquarium to find Marina the mermaid. We showed our Christian Values of Respect and Spirit. Mrs McCoy was very proud of you.


We made sea creatures! We made jellyfish and an aquarium. 

Do you like our fabulous ideas?

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Picture 19
Look at the fun we had on our new Trim Trail.
Look at the fun we've had on our first few days at St George's!